Poverty’s Children


An emergency

exists, worldwide!



And America’s President



The Threat

To Your Future!

Unless His Friends

Can Make A Fortune!


He can’t be trusted and we should 

start to inform the young

that they


bring more children

into a world

on the edge of extinction!

Indeed! How can a major political

party in America become

so driven by the hope of

perpetual power that

they allowed a bonafide

phony to stand as their

nominee for the

Office of President

Of The United States

Of America?


We must

face the truth:


America’s signature

and commitment to

”The Paris Agreement"


“The Primary Cut"

by which



Children’s hopes

for a



Do We Lie?

Do We Say:

"We Didn’t See

It Coming!”?

If you have just said 

“We will

probably lie.”

You should now ask

“what” are you going

to do

to get everyone

known to you,

to immediately take

part in this effort

to store all personal vehicles

in a last ditch effort to save

our world

and our

children’s future!

Povertys Children

suggests that

President Trump


fit to be trusted

with their future!

He has shown that

he is absolutely


to sit as President! 


Something is very wrong

when such a vile

and repulsive person

was allowed to vie

for the most important

office in the world!

His actions to

retract / rescind 

America's participation in

"The Paris Agreement"

informs all

that the only thing

of importance to him

is to ensure that those

who funded and supported

his efforts be repaid by

whatever legislation necessary

to permit them to continue to

foul our atmosphere

and make the fortunes

by which such as he may

then be supported to do

as he wishes, regardless

whatever threats his actions

pose to the whole of Humanity!

Some might not agree


President Trump

will not agree:

Every adult has a duty

to every child.

Abundant knowledge

suggests we have

but 20 months

(With that 20 month

period terminating

at some point

mid-summer 2018),

or less, to store

all personal vehicles,

or lose our planet to an

"Accelerating Runaway Global

GreenHouse Heating Scenario”.

That calls

on all decent


to reject

that madman

via a plea to their

Congress, Senate,

Supreme Court

and all

States Governments!

Then, ALL MUST start


hard but unavoidable

effort to study

information that

suggests we face

“A Life Extinction Event"


“A Non-Stop Global HeatRise”

that threatens 



near-term extinction!

If, as we claim,

we care for our children,

every adult on planet Earth

will join in the effort to ensure

that, even though that a 

"Tipping Point

may well have been reached,

we will do what we can and

must do in order to limit all further

inputs via heat and emissions

into our sole atmosphere. 


Inform our children

that, due our greed,


will continue to ignore

what Nature has placed

before our eyes

and abandon them to

Greed's heating altar! 

To a safer, saner

and more caring world!

To Duty!

Thank you.

Daniel J. Lavigne


Such aside:

When Do We

Tell The Children?


President Trump:

When you decide

how you wish to be


with your face up

Pruitts Ass

or vice versa:



a message.

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